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Antonio Guterres
Secretary-General of the United Nations

Since becoming the 9th Secretary-General of the United Nations, in 2017, António Guterres has embarked on a dedicated mandate to address issues relating to world peace and security.

Now in his fourth year at the head of the organization, Guterres has been the spearheaded of a number of global initiatives ranging from: nuclear disarmament; countering hate speech and violence; modernizing UN peacekeeping practices; to highlighting the plight of the older generation during the Covid-19 pandemic; and the related Global Cease Fire Appeal and Initiative – also inspired by the international health crisis.

The last initiative saw 170 members and observer states commit to the appeal, thereby demonstrating the key impact Guterres has been able to make to human fraternity, during his time as head of the UN.

Latifa Ibn Ziaten
Activist against religious extremism

Latifa Ibn Ziaten is a mother and activist who raises awareness against escalating religious extremism and violence. From the devastating circumstances of losing her son, Imad, murdered in a terrorist attack, in 2012, Mrs. Latifa somehow found the strength to overcome this tragedy by taking positive action to act against the religious radicalization of youth, in France and beyond.
Today, as a well-known civil society activist in France and across Europe, she works closely with families and communities to prevent youth radicalization and spread the message of human fraternity through peaceful means, such as dialogue and mutual respect. Through her efforts, she has quite clearly demonstrated to be one of the world’s bravest women, working to make a better future for all and eradicate the causes that led to the senseless violence that took her own son’s life.